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Richard Wolf GmbH

Richard Wolf GmbH serves the areas of endoscopy as well as extracorporal shock wave treatment with a broad portfolio of products and systems used in in almost all disciplines of human medicine and hospitals.

The portfolio varies from simple instrument to advanced software systems and the range includes around 6,500 products. Originally, the development and production were mainly steel and glass oriented. However, the software development became a more and more important and critical part of almost all products and services.

To keep the portfolio up-to-date and deliver innovation through new products and services many new development projects, with all different requirements and complexity, including software integration, need to be initiated and completed.

Background of the project

However, the above resulted also in too many projects ongoing, too few people, too little focus, a high rate of project delays and harmful multitasking

To address these issues Richard Wolf decided to implement Critical Chain Project Management, with the support of VISTEM. LYNX was implemented as the preferred software solution for Critical Chain Project Management.

An extensive description of the Richard Wolf CCPM implementation project and benefits can be found here.

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