Endress & Hausser

Reinach, Zwitserland

500 – 1,000

Process Automation

“Our portfolio instead of my project”

A fall in deadline delays from 50% to 25% within 18 months

The throughput has increased threefold – with the same amount of resources.

Clear priorities for project operations – avoiding the harmful multitasking

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EH Peter Selders

This is more successful than anything we have ever wanted from this change process. A big surprise. Nevertheless, we have not reached our destination for te long term yet and we need to stay focused. The work on the framework conditions has helped our employees and thus us to be more successful. The newfound transparency helps everyone to participate and to help each other along the way, “Selders concludes.” CCPM is simple, though not easy, yet, it is worth it!  Dr. Peter Selders, Head of Research and Development

Want to learn more on how Endress + Hausser came to these results? You can download the Case study above.

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