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Become more focused and productive with the best practices from TOC, Kanban and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), applied to your personal work-environment.

As A-dato we have successfully implemented the principles of TOC and Critical Chain Project Management in almost any project environment over many years. And with LYNX TameFlow many of our customers have also embedded Agile or Kanban workflows into their projects or professional services, allowing teams to collaborate and improve, the TameFlow way.

But not everything on your personal to-do list is related to projects or professional services. Other tasks may reside in other systems as well (like Salesforce, Zendesk, JIRA, etc.). And how to keep a grip on or not lose control over the rest of the work?

Of course, there are many productivity tools out there that deal addressing the challenge of personal productivity, not to mention a big stack of literature…. with an overwhelming amount of tips and recommendations.

At the same time, we also have seen that many of our users started using LYNX TameFlow, to also manage their own to-do list, to get a better grip on their daily work, allowing them to better prioritize and complete work with more focus.

LYNX Personal Task

Software Highlights

Control the company’s workload by pipelining and staggering projects in order to make realistic commitments to deadlines. Choose whether to stagger by stage, skill or even employee level.

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