Make Your Projects
Flow with LYNX

A Flow-based software solution for every project altitude

Altitude 1:

Get a Clear Overview

LYNX’s high-level stage planning provides a clear overview of your project’s main stages as well as the allocated time and capacity, ensuring easy alignment with project stakeholders.
Project management

Altitude 2:

Seamles Execution and
Real-Time Monitoring

Project managers

With LYNX, you can use our intuitive Gantt or Network views for visualizing project timelines, dependencies and more to identify bottlenecks and ensure smooth project flow.

Altitude 3:

Streamline Collaboration and
Task Management

Empower your team to collaborate seamlessly and work efficiently with LYNX. Manage workforce planning efficiently using task lists and break down tasks into work items using cards & checklists, ensuring better control and accountability.

Workforce and teams
Workforce and teams

“The beauty of working with A-dato is
that we can have a unity of purpose on
each level within the company. “

-Bo Burgmans,
Managing Director, Bruns B.V.

Optimize Project
with Critical Chain
Project Management

LYNX uses CCPM to help you identify bottlenecks, manage uncertainties, and proactively mitigate risks. Utilize critical buffers, add feeding buffers and control the scheduling direction with ease.

Hybrid Workflows

Flexibility with
Hybrid Workflows

Hybrid Workflows

Leverage LYNX’s Agile and Kanban integrations to adapt to changing requirements, iterate quickly, and foster collaboration. Create your own hybrid workflow to make your projects flow.

Critical Chain Project Management
Critical Chain Project Management

& Decision Support

Critical Chain Project Management

Use LYNX’s advanced scheduling capabilities and decision support tools to optimize resource allocation, mitigate conflicts, and make informed decisions. Use predictive analysis to track progress and identify potential risks.

Financial Control
Financial Control

Enhanced Financial
Control and

Financial Control

With LYNX’s financial management features, you can actively track project budgets, expenses, and profitability. Get greater financial control, enabling you to maximize profitability.

Flow projects
Flow projects
Flow projects

Add Flow to your
Projects with LYNX!