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Resource management

Get Optimal Support for Resource Management Decisions

LYNX software provides comprehensive support for resource management decisions.

Monitoring the Multi-Project Resource Load
LYNX offers real-time monitoring of resource loads across multiple projects. This allows for better decision-making and prevents overallocation or underutilization of resources.

Automatic Operational Resource Load Balancing
LYNX automatically balances the operational resource load, ensuring that resources are distributed evenly, and no single resource is overburdened while others remain idle.

Decision Support for Capacity Optimization
LYNX acts as a decision support system, providing insights into capacity optimization. It assists in cross-training, hiring, and education decisions, ensuring that your organization always has the right resources in place.

assigning tasks

Go Beyond Assigning Tasks

Eye on the Big Picture
Using the ‘Principle of Aggregation”, LYNX looks at the bigger picture when allocating resources, taking into account all the skills and resources available, and makes decisions based on the overall needs of the project.

Stay Flexible with “Late Binding”
“Late binding” ensures that decisions are made at the last possible moment, optimizing resource allocation.

Critical Resources for Critical Tasks
Even if a resource is in high demand, LYNX ensures that it’s allocated to the most critical tasks based on the defined profiles.

ISA 95 Resource Management Model in LYNX

Assign Skills, Resources, and Profiles

LYNX recognizes the importance of skills, resources, and profiles in the resource allocation process with the ISA-95 Resource Management Model.

Assigning Skills through LYNX enables you to categorize them, ensuring that the right tasks are undertaken by the appropriate team members.

Resources encompass everything from equipment to physical spaces. LYNX enables you to manage all your resources efficiently, preventing bottlenecks and

ensuring that your projects run smoothly.

Profiles define the criteria that are used to match skills with resources. LYNX lets you create and manage profiles, ensuring that your resource allocation process is precise and efficient.

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