The Netherlands

2000 – 2500

Professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection

The implementation of LYNX at MEIKO

Over time, LYNX has established itself across a wide range of MEIKO projects.

Therefore, we will shape the future of MEIKO project and portfolio management with the LYNX software. Not only for now, but for the long term.

MEIKO Machinenbau has been a manufacturer of professional dishwashing machines, bedpan washers and food waste systems for 95 years, providing innovative solutions that all contribute to one of the basic human needs – namely cleanliness and hygiene.

The group employs 2500 people worldwide in over 23 market organisations. Customers in over 95 countries rely on MEIKO technology – in hotels, restaurants, clinics and carehomes, as well as on cruise ships, in airline catering or in fire brigade respiratory protection workshops.

While MEIKO helps its customers to achieve sustainable and hygienic solutions, A-Dato ensures effective long-term project management.

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