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Includes everything to run a Multi-Project and CCPM Operation together with resource management.

  • LYNX Critical Chain Project Planning and Execution
  • LYNX Release Wizard (multi-project staggering)
  • LYNX Task, Time and Progress Tracking
  • LYNX Multi-Project Resource management
  • LYNX Monitoring and Reporting

Integrate Agile and Kanban into your projects. Be agile and reliable by integrating the LYNX TameFlow approach into your projects. Bring Agile CCPM to life with Lynx TameFlow.

  • LYNX TameFlow Workpackage Management
  • LYNX TameFlow Taskboards

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Plus Bundle

  • LYNX pipeline mode and realign wizard
  • LYNX document management system
  • LYNX workflow automation for reports and notifications
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Cost Management

Allows you to manage and monitor your cash-flow and Track actuals against Budget.  Stay tuned – more information will follow soon.

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JIRA Integration

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Active Directory Integration

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Microsoft EPM Integration

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