Plan, start, focus and finish your more  projects in less time with LYNX by A-dato

Project tools that cover the entire project and portfolio management landscape for small teams up to very large project organisations.

A-dato’s LYNX & TameFlow solution will help you…

Get answers to your questions

  • How do I set up resilient plans that cope with uncertainty?
  • How do I make my projects faster?
  • How should I prioritize projects & tasks in order to optimize throughput?
  • How to keep it simple?

Lynx – the fastest web-based Critical Chain Project Management solution

Get your projects done with worldclass software for Critical Chain (Multi-) Project management or other methods.

Integrate Agile and Kanban in your projects

Get the best of both worlds: Integrate your Agile, Scrum or Kanban Workflows as “Workpackages” into your overall project planning, by applying the TameFlow approach for Agile CCPM.

Get optimal results

  • Manage complex projects without running behind the facts
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Stay in control, without becoming a control freak
  • Improve collaboration

“Anyone who is working on projects and is concerned about on-time delivery should care about CCPM. Therefore, those who should care include CIO’s, PMO leaders, portfolio managers, program managers and project managers.” GARTNER

Critical Chain Project Management

Eliminate conflicting priorities across your projects and organisation. Have single operational priorities and synchronise everywhere. Create a better workplace for everyone, with more and timely results

Implementation of Critical Chain results in a stable and professional work environment, in which Task and Project managers are continuously supported with operational priorities for the synchronized execution of their projects and work.

The solution for all (multi-) project challenges

Get optimal results;  make projects flow, optimize resource usage, control costs, get instant feedback, get detailed reporting and be prepared for the future.

Portfolio Scenario Simulation

Control the company’s workload by pipelining and staggering projects in order to make realistic commitments to deadlines. Choose whether to stagger by stage, skill or even employee level.

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