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Better project portfolio

Sharpen Your Focus with better Project Portfolio Control

With LYNX, you get a clear insight into the status of all your projects in the funnel so you can focus your efforts to the projects that count the most.

Scenario Wizard

Get Unlimited Scenarios with one click

Create unlimited scenarios for adding projects to your portfolio pipeline in the future. Manage resource conflicts, get a clear project pipeline, and control the Work-In-Progress (WIP). Prevent critical resource overload and release your projects exactly at the right time into the pipeline.

Fever Chart

Focus your resources

Easily assess the performance of ongoing projects with the LYNX Fever Chart. One picture summarizes it all. Gather valuable insights to build a compelling case to aid managerial decisions. A tool to help you simply prioritize global optimum over local optimum.

Improve Portfolio

Continuously Improve

Continously get an insight into what is disrupting your portfolio flow. LYNX helps you identify your portfolio bottleneck so you can focus your improvement effort to where it really make a difference. Get insights in your cause of delay so your organization can manage them swiftly.

Real Projects, Real results.

real projects, real results

*Figures are results achieved on average.

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