Method Flexibility for optimizing Flow

  • Critical Chain (Multi-)Project Management Implement CCPM for running your projects and multi-project operation

  • Classical Critical Path Project Management Classical Project Management available with buffer management and operational priorities

  • Integrate Agile, Scrum and/or Kanban Methods (with CCPM and Project Management) LYNX Tameflow integration with LYNX for (Multi-)Project and Portfolio Management

Project Planning & Scheduling

  • Create project plan and networks Create and Design your projects easily within LYNX

  • Create project from templates Create a new project quickly from a template

  • Flexible scheduling behavior (Just in Time, ASAP) Apply forward or backward scheduling of the critical chain or feeding chains.

  • Multi-Level or Tiered Planning Identify Stages, Tasks, Summary Tasks, Sub-Tasks, Issues, Items. Roll-up and aggregate.

  • Plan quality validation Check the quality and completeness of your plan again the "best practices" and your own specific guidelines or rules.

  • Plan optimization and what-if Identify resource bottlenecks and make trade-offs between adding resources, costs and speed.

Full Critical Chain Support

  • Automatic Buffer Creation based on rules Create Feeding Buffers, Milestone Buffers and/or Project buffers in one click. Configure behavior of each buffer type.

  • Easy Buffer Planning and Re-Planning
  • Complete set of buffer types
  • Management of multiple sub-chains in one plan
  • Control Critical and Feeding Chain Behavior Be flexible and configure the scheduling parameters according to your needs. Apply forward, backward scheduling or mix by type of chain.

Agile Workpackage and Card Management

  • Workpackage and Card Tracking Issues, sub-tasks.

  • Flexible Card configuration and Workflows Define the process steps you need between To do and completed.

  • Backlog prioritization and Workpackage Planning
  • Visual Taskboards for Kanban and Scrum support
  • Taskboard Buffer Management and WIP Control
  • DBR (Drum Buffer Rope) to optimize the output of the constraint
  • Out-of-the Box Agile and Flow Reporting

Pipeline, Capacity and Project Release Management

  • Scenario Planning and Simulation Start simulations with the LYNX Pipeline Mode and the LYNX Realign Wizard.

  • Project Selection and Value Optimization
  • Portfolio Evaluation and resource planning
  • Control your Work-in-Progress (WIP) through staggering
  • Know what is available to promise and by when
  • Consider Resource or Interproject buffers
  • Optimize your overall workload and capacity

Resource Management

  • ISA95 Resource Model Compliance
  • Configuration of Skills, Profiles, Resources and Teams
  • Allocation / aggregation by Skill or Teams
  • Decision support for resource managers
  • Multi-Skill and Cross-Skill Management
  • Multi-Project resource load monitoring
  • Resource Load distribution optimization

(Multi-)project execution management

  • Multi-Project Fever Charts (including Milestones)
  • Multi-Project Resource load monitoring
  • Dynamic and responsive schedules
  • Sequenced Task Lists by CCPM or buffer priority
  • Integrated Sub-Task and Issue Management
  • Sequenced project portfolio lists priority
  • Easy time and progress reporting
  • Full-kit checklists and conditions
  • Early warning signals and project trend lines
  • Dynamic and automated detection of Current Longest Chain
  • Buffer and Buffer Recovery Management


  • Out-of-the Box Reporting Sets
  • Reporting engine for customization
  • Automatic Creation and distribution of reports
  • Rule-based notifications
  • Exporting


  • Budget Management
  • Cash flow monitoring and projection
  • Aggregation actual and budget by Stages
  • Time Tracking


  • JIRA Integration and Synchronization
  • MS Project Import and export
  • EPM Integration
  • Rich API’s
  • “Debuffered” Plan Presentation and export
  • Integrate with Sharepoint and similar platforms
  • Upload documents

Implementation & Support

  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Extensive Manuals and online help
  • Pre-defined Sandboxes
  • Training and Consulting Services
  • Switch on / Switch off Functionality