LYNX Essential: a complete solution

Included with every LYNX Edition is the LYNX Essential Bundle. Think of LYNX Essential Bundle as a collection of carefully created features that provide you with everything you need to plan and run a successful multi-project portfolio, for example with Critical Chain (Multi-) Project Management.

LYNX Multi-Project Bundle

  • LYNX Critical Chain Project Planning and Execution
  • LYNX Release Wizard (multi-project staggering)
  • LYNX Task Management, Expected Time and Progress Tracking
  • LYNX Cards Management
  • LYNX Multi-Project Resource Management
  • LYNX Monitoring, Reporting and Dashboards

LYNX TameFlow

  • LYNX Cards View and Cards Management
  • LYNX TameFlow Taskboards
  • LYNX TameFlow Personal Tasks

Other features

  • Unlimited number of teams, skills, or resources
  • Including maintenance and support, and full access to
  • All hosting and ICT-related costs

The solution for the entire project landscape

  • Portfolio Scenario Simulation
  • Stage, Budget and Time Management
  • Configurable Resource Managment
  • Get the Reporting you need
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