LYNX Add-Ons

The scope of the licenses can be extended through several LYNX Add-Ons, which you can choose depending on your needs. The available Add-Ons include:

LYNX Portfolio Pipeline and Scenario Wizard

Create multiple pipeline scenarios with the LYNX Scenario wizard. Compare results and optimise your portfolio decisions. Add flow to your portfolio.

LYNX TameFlow for Cards and Subtask Management

Integrate the LYNX TameFlow approach into your projects with Kanban and Agile techniques. Bring Agile CCPM and hybrid project management to life with LYNX TameFlow.

LYNX Financials, with Stage and Budget Management

Manage Project Budget and Financials with Stages. Monitor Expenses with an S-Curve.

LYNX Workflow Automation for Reports and Notifications

Create and distribute reports automatically. Turn reports into online dashboards. Trigger sending notifications about events (like task update) based on rules.

LYNX Time Tracking and Management

Book worked hours by Task or Card. Measure total volume of booked hours against original time and financial estimates

LYNX Advanced Resource Management

LYNX provides extensive support of the resource management process, in a (complex) Multi-Project Management environment, both short term as long term. LYNX is using the ISA95 standard for modelling the “Skill / Resource Matrix”. And also includes Automatic Resource Load Balancing as an option.

LYNX Document Management

All your documents available where and when you need them. Link or upload documents to any Task, Subtasks, Cards and Projects.

Get the ball rolling with LYNX Essential Flow Fill the funnel from Excel

What if you could get grip on your Project Portfolio by just filling out a simple data-sheet in Excel? A simple import process will get your full portfolio populated in LYNX in a “Stage Format”, ready for running simulations with the LYNX Scenario Wizard.

LYNX Scheduling Engines

Decide Planning and Scheduling logic, like Critical Chain Project Management or Critical Path, using the LYNX Load Factor Scheduling© Decide about Just-in-Time (Backward) or Forward Scheduling of projects and feeding chains

LYNX Integrations, JIRA, DevOps and more.

Through the External Directory functionality, multiple external environments (Directories) from both Jira as well as DevOps can be integrated in Lynx. Multiple DevOps and Jira sources can be maintained and configured in the same LYNX Space and Project Portfolio.

LYNX Active Directory Integration / Open ID Connect

Active directory integration allows you to manage your LYNX users from a central directory. With Open ID Connect you verify the identity of the End-User, and implement a 2-Step authentication process.

LYNX (Cloud) Hosting Services

Multiple hosting scenario’s are available. From standard cloud hosting up to running LYNX in your own datacenter with an inhouse server.