Learn more about scenario planning at the TOCICO Conference 2020!


On June 22th till 26th the TOCICO Conference 2020 will take place. A-dato is proud to be part of this fully online event, talking about scenario planning as a key strategic tool. 

About the TOCICO Conference 2020
This event is dedicated to bringing the power of the Theory of Constraints to businesses and individuals as well as more advanced level knowledge for TOC practitioners and enthusiasts. This conference will feature Keynotes and sessions with the most prominent TOC minds, LIVE chats and ZOOM interaction, as well as case studies from companies like McDonald’s, P&G, Embraer and MORE! 

What can you expect to hear from us?
Ad Vermeulen, director of A-dato, will talk about scenario planning to optimize your project portfolio and pipeline. With the pressure on businesses increasing and the current economic conditions, scenario planning should be part of your decision-making process. It is now more important than ever that you make the right strategic choices securing profitability and throughput.
Ad will share best practices from companies who effectively use scenario planning and explain how it helps them become more predictable and cope with uncertainty. 

Attending the event
You can register for the event through
this link. If you are interested in what other speakers will be presenting, check out the whole program here

Have you missed the event or want to learn more about how scenario planning could help you with your specific needs? Book in a consult here. and we will be in touch!

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