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Campfire Talks with Steve Tendon


Last week we had the privilege to sit down with Steve Tendon (a virtual sit down, of course). This let to an interesting afternoon where we talked about how we incorporated the TameFlow approach in our software. You can check out the session in the video below.

It has been a great pleasure to be part of Steve’s Campfire Talks. If you are interested in more of his content, be sure to sign up to the TameFlow community here.

About Steve Tendon

Steve is the Managing Director of TameFlow Consulting Limited. He is the creator of the “TameFlow Approach:” a pragmatic systems-thinking approach that delivers superior business outcomes in knowledge-intensive digital businesses, without compromising sustainability, quality or humanity.

Steve’s expertise covers: organizational performance; large scale IT/Digital/Agile transformations; engineering/knowledge-work management; decentralized organizations; organizational design and more.

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