How Jeld-Wen Streamlined Innovation with CCPM and LYNX


Founded in 1960, Jeld Wen is the world’s leading manufacturer of reliable doors and windows. With more than 20,000 employees and 117 manufacturing facilities in 19 different countries, they create some of the most innovative solutions for doors and windows.

In France, Jeld Wen is positioned as a provider of interior door solutions for both, residential and non-residential markets. Further, their solutions include made-to-order products for industrial environments as well as a range of technical solutions for various applications such as acoustic treatment, anti-burglary, and fire safety. 

At the Critical Chain 2023 Conference by TOCICO, Mr. Jann Carr, Project Manager at Jeld Wen France, shared the journey of Jeld Wen France in implementing Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and the benefits experienced thereafter. 

Why Critical Chain Project Management

To understand why CCPM was the right choice for Jeld Wen France, we must first go back to quarter 1 of 2021 to understand the reasons. 

Firstly, Jeld Wen France has a diversified portfolio of innovative projects. These innovative projects include the development of new products, as well as updates to existing products to upgrade their performance. Critical Chain Project Management lends itself to be particularly useful for such projects. 

Secondly, Jeld Wen France experienced disorganization in the organization matrix and processes. Essentially, the organization was missing key positions such as Product Manager and Pricing Manager. Furthermore, there was a lack of coordination within the company, with a lack of information sharing, communication, and shared vision. 

Finally, and most importantly, Jeld Wen France was not getting the desired results. Projects lacked definition and began without an end date, leading to bad multitasking, delays, and interdepartmental conflicts. Further, products were being developed with control of the developmental process and sometimes, the developed products would not meet market needs, resulting in commercial failure. 

Projects were taking longer to complete, leading to delayed time to market and missed opportunities. The lack of coordination and visibility throughout the organization was making it difficult to track the progress of the projects and make informed decisions. Jeld Wen France realized that it needed a new project management methodology to overcome these challenges.

Implementation at Jeld Wen France

The implementation of the Critical Chain Project Management methodology for managing the portfolio of Jeld Wen began in May 2021 with a pilot team of 6 people from R&D, marketing, and engineering. The training was conducted in collaboration with our partner, Agilea, and their SafeFlow application. The implementation took close to a year and took place in the following steps. 

  1. May 2021: Kick-off implementation
  2. M+1: 1st Network Diagram
  3. M+3: Release of pipeline rules
  4. M+5: Execution ritual and kick-off
  5. M+10: Deployment to all stakeholders (actual set-up)

In addition, there were a few more considerations:

Tool Adaptation – LYNX for CCPM:

Implementing a new project management methodology requires the adoption of new tools. Jeld Wen had to adapt its existing tools to suit the critical chain approach. Jeld Wen now uses LYNX by A-dato to manage its projects and project portfolio. 

Behaviors Modifications:

The adoption of a new project management methodology requires behavioral changes within the organization. Jeld Wen had to train its employees on the critical chain approach and encourage them to adopt it. 


The key results from the implementation of CCPM and LYNX at Jeld Wen France are as follows:

  • Time saved: ~50% time saved on projects requiring close coordination between functions
  • Improved prioritization: Better alignment between teams on priority topics
  • Better resource management: Identifying short and long-term resource issues is easier


The adoption of an effective project management methodology is essential for the success of any business. Jeld Wen’s adoption of the critical chain project management approach for its innovation portfolio improved the efficiency and effectiveness of its project management methodology. Jeld Wen’s successful adoption of the critical chain approach serves as an example for other businesses looking to improve their project management methodology. 

This article shared insights from a session by Mr. Yann Carre at the Critical Chain 2023 Conference by TOCICO. If you would like to know more, watch the video recording of the session here


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