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 Monitor your Project Financials Live

Most CCPM project management software does not have an integrated financial tool, which means that companies are required to use additional software. LYNX offers the solution by offering Financial Management tools alongside CCPM project management software. Budget management, cash flow analysis and aggregation of actual versus budget are just some of the key features available in LYNX.

LYNX Financials helps you stay on budget in a complex multi-project environment. Manage your project budget and costs throughout the different project stages. You can also monitor expenses through the s-curve and benefit from time tracking.

LYNX Stage & Budget Management Features

The following key functionalities are found in LYNX Stage and Budget Management:

  • LYNX Budget Management and Cash Flow Management
  • Aggregation of Actual versus Budget per project stage (current and future)
  • Time Tracking
  • Cost overview per hour/month (or own specified unit of measure)
  • Integrated Budget Stage Overview
  • Budget Grid
  • Portfolio View (Budget S-Curve)
  • Financial Reporting
  • Cost Buffers

Monitor resources and costs as they happen within the project to keep your budget under control. Easy financial reporting helps you stay on track to achieve your project goals. Read more about it here.

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