A-dato 2021: A Year in Review with LYNX


It’s been a busy year for us here at A-dato. We are very pleased that we could welcome many new customers, who decided to start their improvement journey with the implementation of LYNX and LYNX TameFlow.

Also we added many new features and improvements to LYNX and LYNX TameFlow as well.
New Product Development highlights include:

LYNX Highlights:

  • Improved user experience, including:
    • New bookmarks, hot keys and fast keys
    • Improved scaling of several time bars
    • Performance improvements
  • Integration with additional “External Directories”, now also including Microsoft DevOps
  • Improved Decision Support for the dialogue between Project Manager and Resource Manager in case of “resource contention” (making the invisible visible)
  • Scenario Wizard:
  • Improved Stage Management
    • Easier Business Priority Management

LYNX TameFlow Highlights:

  • Additional Card Flow Buffer Management options have been added, including the “Delayed Start” method
  • More Card Configuration options and Filtering options
  • Drag and Drop integration of Email and attachments

If you want to find out more about the 2021 updates to LYNX and LYNX TameFlow, just visit our help-center and go to: LYNX Release Notes.

Looking ahead into 2022, we are committed to take LYNX and LYNX TameFlow to the next level. You can expect many new and exciting features. Also we will keep optimizing the user-experience, making working with LYNX really easy and productive.

We look forward to see you in 2022 again and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year 2022.

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