Join us at Critical Chain 2022, a TOCICO event


On January 18 and 19, 2022, TOCICO will host the Critical Chain Conference 2022. As with the previous edition in 2020, A-dato is a platinum sponsor of this online conference. Speakers from all over the world will talk about how critical chain project management significantly and sustainably increases the productivity of projects.

About Critical Chain 2022

During this two-day online conference, various topics in the field of critical chain project management (CCPM) will be discussed. Why is CCPM the solution to problems that arise during projects? How can you use CCPM? What are examples of projects where CCPM has been successfully applied? How does CCPM compare to other methods used by project managers, such as scrum and agile software? And what new developments are coming?

More than thirty speakers will give their vision on CCPM and what you can do with it from their expertise. Live interactive sessions also take place, where the core principles are illustrated through games and simulations. During the Q&A on January 19, you will have every opportunity to ask questions.

All companies and organizations that give a presentation use CCPM to plan and manage their projects. Ad Vermeulen, director of A-dato, is one of the speakers. He discusses the
best way to implement CCPM using productivity software. In doing so, he discusses the different levels of flow in LYNX: from the portfolio level to managing and prioritizing your daily work in LYNX TameFlow.

Discover the working method and benefits of CCPM during the conference. With this method, 95% of projects worldwide are completed on time, while the duration of the project is reduced by 15 to 30% and the costs are lower. So win-win!

Sign up for Critical Chain 2022

You can register for the conference via this link. Are you one of the first thousand applicants? Then you get your ticket for free. So be quick!

Are you curious about the other speakers and the topics they discuss? You can download the entire program here.

Can’t attend the conference? Or would you like to know more about scenario planning and how it can contribute to a successful project? Then contact us and get more flow with the powerful workflow management software of A-dato!

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