Webinar: Your Path to Hyper-Productivity

About the Webinar

In this exclusive online webinar with Wolfram Müller, we explore the secrets behind the hyper-productivity of industry giants like Amazon, Bosch, Festo, Endress+Hauser Group, and SICK Sensor Intelligence. No buzzwords, no jargon, just real stories, and tangible solutions.

The webinar tackles problems like:
❌ Supply chain risks due to COVID/Ukraine
❌ Developing software without agile being the magic solution
❌ Exploding project overruns and declining throughput
❌ No capacity for exciting future topics like cloud/AI

Free Guide + Hyper-Productivity Check List

In addition, we have created a document summarizing the webinar that you can download for free. The document serves as a guide for implementing TOC and CCPM in organizations. It also includes a helpful checklist at the end.
  • 3 Key Goals for Improving Project Management
  • Reducing Work in Process
  • Understanding Little’s Law and Goldratt’s Law
  • Achieving Self-Organization
  • Focused Continuous Improvement Process
  • Building a Business Case
  • Get Colleagues on Board
  • Hyper-Productivity Check List

We’re thrilled to provide you with this resource, and we hope you find it valuable for your professional journey.