Critical Chain 2022 was another success


The Critical Chain 2022 conference took place on January 18 and 19. This edition was again a huge success, with expert speakers and many more participants than last time. We have provided hundreds of people with great insights.

The speakers who gave lectures have been specialized in CCPM for years and were able to captivate the participants with webinars about CCPM, project management and process improvements.

What was discussed during the conference?

The participants learned about topics such as:

  • Why CCPM: at the beginning of the conference we started with the basics. So first of all, we talked about the issues that projects face and why Critical Chain is the best solution for project management.
  • A mini-training: in a 4-part educational series topics such as CCPM, CCPM building blocks, planning and dividing projects were discussed.
  • What a little CCPM can do for you: what is the use of project management? Why do we even need it? Half of companies running projects lack formal project management tools. How can CCPM help to get projects done? Where does the effectiveness lie?
  • CCPM+: how does CCPM work with methods such as agile and scrum? How do you use Work Flow Productivity Tools and Software to get even better results?

Why is the interest in CCPM so great?

Critical Chain is an attractive and simple alternative to mainstream methods of project planning and execution, but also offers synergy with these methods though for example Agile CCPM. It is a systematically constructed and common method. It is based on the lessons that the best project managers know instinctively and have learned over several decades.

CCPM has shown that 95% of projects are completed within the deadline. You can reduce the duration and costs by using CCPM by as much as 15 – 30%.

Special offer: CCPM software for no less than 6 months for free!

To celebrate the success of our online conference and to allow all participants to benefit from the benefits of our software, we have a special offer.

You can use our “LYNX TameFlow Personal Task Manager software” free of charge for 6 months, including your own personal workspace allowing you to also apply some the unique features of the LYNX TameFlow approach, into your own work environment.

Don’t turn down this offer and learn how you can become more productive and experience some the best practices and tools of CCPM yourself. You can register now via this link!

You can contact A-dato for questions via +31 75 6409222 or send an email to

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