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In this insightful interview, we connect with Franz Nowak, an industry veteran and co-founder of VISTEM GmbH&CoKG in Germany and Private Network Solutions GmbH in Austria. With extensive experience in using Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and the Theory of Constraints (TOC), Franz shares his journey, challenges, and triumphs in implementing these methodologies to transform project organizations.

A Journey of Transformation

Franz Nowak’s venture into CCPM and TOC began in the late nineties when he faced the complexities of international software projects. After witnessing the effectiveness of these methodologies firsthand, he became an ardent advocate and practitioner.

For over two decades, Franz and his VISTEM colleagues have assisted organizations in accelerating their project and production processes. Franz states that “CCPM and TOC have been my guiding stars in navigating complex projects”, leading to standout moments such as a team of over 300 developers tripling their project completion rate while significantly enhancing reliability.

How Franz Nowak Overcomes Common Challenges

Franz acknowledges that many organizations rush into implementing software solutions without addressing the necessary organizational changes. This frequently results in implementation roadblocks and lackluster results. His approach involves workshops, involving managers, and employing the PDCA loop to ensure a thorough and effective transition. Franz’s approach involves collaborative workshops that define deliverables and change steps. This approach incorporates the insights of managers and utilizes the PDCA loop, ensuring both speed and accuracy in implementation.

Keys to Success and Ongoing Improvement:

According to Franz, “True success emerges when software harmonizes with an organization’s culture and practices”. Franz emphasizes strong top-level support, motivated change teams, and dedicated tools for stable implementation. Continuous improvement processes, along with stable software tools, ensure long-term success and adaptability. Franz underscores that collaboration and communication are at the core of successful CCPM and TOC implementations. These methodologies encourage collaboration, countering issues like local optimization that often necessitate their implementation.

Guidance for Organizations Exploring CCPM and TOC

Franz’s advice centers on recognizing that CCPM is more than just software; it involves a shift in habits and organizational culture. Success hinges on using software wisely and embracing changes that boost agility and reduce stress.

Franz notes that CCPM and TOC share roots with Agile and Lean methodologies. He states that “CCPM/TOC, Agile, and Lean amalgamate to create an unparalleled project management arsenal”. As a result, these approaches complement each other, enhancing the overall success rate of projects. Combining these methodologies offers a comprehensive strategy for efficient project management.

With the rise of AI across industries, Franz envisions specific AI tools supporting project planning and execution processes in the future, enhancing the power of CCPM and TOC. “CCPM and TOC’s alliance with AI holds the potential to reshape project management on an unprecedented scale.” 


The journey of Franz Nowak with CCPM and TOC exemplifies the transformative potential of these methodologies. His insights shed light on their holistic impact on project organizations and offer valuable guidance for those considering their implementation.  “Start with CCPM, and the transformation will organically follow suit, propelling you toward excellence”, says Franz as he signs off.

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