A-dato joins the TOC Anwenderkonferenz 2022, Germany


During TOC Anwenderkonferenz 2022, users and potential users will converge to focus on the most cutting-edge TOC solutions in the business. That’s why A-dato has chosen to sponsor this premium event. We are committed to looking ahead toward the next generation of TOC.

Getting inside systems that work

Statistics show that 70% of all projects undertaken are doomed to fail. When an organisation implements a project management solution, the failure rate is reduced to only 20%, yet only 22% of organisations use project management software. Why is this the case? How can TOC project management help organisations move from failed projects to successful project implementation?

At A-dato, we are excited to be hosting a discussion during the conference on the role of software in TOC management. Our unique software, Lynx, uses the TOC concept to optimise and synchronise workflows and processes. Lynx covers the total portfolio and project management landscape for small or large projects and project organisations.

Roadmap for sustainable performance

We will also present the role and importance of portfolio management. During this session, we will offer insights into what we have done and what we can achieve for and with you in the future.

One of our valued customers, MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co, will also present during this exciting event. MEIKO Maschinenbau has been a manufacturer of professional dishwashing machines, bedpan washers and food waste systems for 95 years, providing innovative solutions that all contribute to one of our most basic human needs: cleanliness and hygiene. The group employs 2500 people worldwide in over 23 market organisations in 95 countries.

“While MEIKO helps its customers to achieve sustainable and hygienic solutions, A-dato ensures effective long-term project management,” explains MEIKO’s Head of Project Management Office, Simon Gmeiner.

That’s what we do; remove the stress and ensure smooth project flow.

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