A-dato at Critical Chain 2024 by TOCICO


We’re thrilled to invite the project management community to the TOCICO conference. A-dato is a proud gold sponsor this year. We’re bringing innovative discussions and insights to the project management forefront.

🌱 A Groundbreaking Journey in Horticulture

One of the largest breeders and young plant producers in the Netherlands, shipping over 2 billion items annually, is undergoing a mission-critical shift from its custom ERP system to a new specialized ERP system, a move vital to maintaining its logistics and finance operations. The transition is being enhanced through the Better Results Group’s new project management approach and A-dato’s Lynx software, promising more efficient project involvement alongside routine work.

💡 Unveiling LYNX-X: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

Our second keynote will introduce LYNX-X. Dive into a tantalizing preview of what’s next in project management. We’re on the cusp of unveiling the innovative features of LYNX-X.

📅 An Invitation to Innovate

We invite you to join us at the TOCICO conference. Engage with thought leaders and exchange experiences. Contribute to shaping the future of project management methodologies around TOC/CCPM.

Register here: https://events.criticalchainconference.com/series/critical-chain-2024/landing_page

This event is a gateway to the latest trends and innovations in project management. Whether you’re enhancing your knowledge or networking, TOCICO 2024 is the place to be.

Join us in driving change, embracing challenges, and celebrating breakthroughs in project management. See you at TOCICO 2024!

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