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Accelerate your innovation and project portfolio delivery capability

LYNX project portfolio management software enables you to optimize program and project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, prioritize work, focus your resources, and empower teams to deliver.

Success depends on your company’s ability to respond quickly to market and customer demands, adapting through uncertainty.

As a Portfolio Manager or PMO, you are in a prime position to guide your organization to shift priorities and ensure that delivery outcomes align with strategic plans.

Also the role of the PMO is changing, and project portfolio management needs to evolve to more modern approaches that support the hybrid reality.

LYNX can be your guide to help you fulfill your portfolio improvement and delivery capabilities along the following dimensions:

Software Highlights

Hybrid & LYNX Tameflow

Evolving Toward New and Hybrid Ways of Working
Modern project portfolio management approaches let you empower your teams with the right work experience and tool for the type of work being delivered – waterfall projects, iterative, collaborative, Lean-Agile. This work can be tied back into the integrated strategy and portfolio plans, enabling stakeholder visibility and organizational alignment.

LYNX TameFlow  provides your teams with the tools to work how they deliver fastest and gives the PMO the ability to adjust portfolio and capacity planning, track KPIs, and enable adaptive governance.

Equip your teams with the right tools to work and deliver their best work fast:

  1. Project-centric work
    • Project portfolio management tools with LYNX  Pro for traditional waterfall projects
    • Collaborative workspaces in Projectplace
  2. Process-centric work
    • Integrations to third-party agile tools such as Jira or Azure DevOps
    • Enterprise Kanban to support agile methods and workflows in Planview LeanKit

Planview PPM solutions allow you to pull together all work details from these team tools into your project portfolio solution so that you can easily report to stakeholders and executives the metrics and KPIs that indicate progress on strategic delivery.

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