The Netherlands

500 – 1,000

Software development

The implementation of LYNX TameFlow at Ortec

Project lead time reduced with 35%

On-time delivery went up to 90%

Teams experienced a reduction in work pressure and able deliver a level of quality they were not able to deliver before

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Over a 6 month period, both the development teams and the maintenance teams have improved their due-date performance from 30% to 90% at a 6-week rolling average. In addition, the average lead time of all cards has decreased from more than 40 days to less than 25. Finally, the level of Work-in-Process in the teams has decreased from over 120 to about 20 days of development, which is about the amount of work that can be completed in 1 week.

Want to learn more on how Ortec came to these results? You can download the White Paper and see how Ortec implemented LYNX TameFlow

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