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Do the Online Multitasking Fast-Test

Negative Multitasking, how bad is it really?  Do the test and learn where you stand today.

Identify your room for improvement

1. Online Symptom and Potential Analysis

Is there untapped or enough potential within your company and what is it compared to other companies? The Online Symptom and Potential Analysis, will give you the answer to the question if there is room for improvement.

The analysis is also based on the findings of an extensive study to (negative) multi-tasking in project management, which was done by VISTEM together with Prof. Dr. Ayelt Komus, professor at the university in Koblenz.

The Online Symptom and Potential Analysis includes 35 questions and requires participation of only 10-15 employees within your organisation. Completing the questionnaires takes only 10-15 minutes.

You will get valuable analysis of where you stand today and where you will find room for improvement. In addition, you get an estimate of how much more projects are possible with the same resources!

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2. The big study on negative Multitasking 2016

Together with VISTEM, Prof. Ayelt Komus carried out the “Big study on negative multitasking“: When projects flow, more projects can be carried out with the same resources in a shorter time. Again and again, it is seen that problems in multi-project management are very similar across companies.

A key role has the “negative multitasking“: work is not finished before a new task is started, which leads to a considerable increase of lead-times of all tasks.

>Here you can find more details of the study

3. The Online Multitasking Fast-Test – how bad is it really?

Did you know that people and companies with little multitasking are significantly more successful than those with a lot of multitasking? This is one of the most important results of the Multitasking study.

>Compare yourself with the participants and do the Fast-Test


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