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60% of the respondents think that a considerable portion of the efforts (more than 20%) is not used in a valuable manner

Results of the Multitasking in Project Management study

That damaging-multitasking can impact productivity is widely discussed. Is there really something to it? Is this really a problem that exists and – above all – is this perceived as a burden? Can improvement potential be identified? I find it important that such questions are not only discussed, but also scientifically investigated.

Prof. Ayelt Komus

Highlights of the study:

  • 25% of the participants mentioning high-multitasking levels estimate the level of success of their company is poorer
  • Almost 70% of the respondents believe that at least 30% of the project durations can be saved
  • Almost 60% of the respondents think that a considerable portion of the efforts > 20%) is not used in a value-added manner
  • Only 2% of respondents do not work on multiple tasks in parallel
  • Only 10% of respondents can complete tasks without interruption
  • At almost 80%, there are a considerable number of specialists, who cannot be represented by anyone else
  • Almost 70% of group leaders have to deal with constantly changing priorities
  • In almost 70% of cases projects are waiting on management support causing project delays
  • More than 75% of projects start inadequately prepared and thus create a lot of additional work
  • Nearly 60% of the respondents include only “implicit” buffers in the project plan
  • In 80% of the respondents, constant changes in operational priorities lead to frequent interruptions




Request a copy of the study Multitasking in Project Management available on the website of VISTEM

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