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Meyer Burger Group

Meyer Burger is a leading global technology Group where discovering the unexplored, developing new technologies and improving tried and tested products and processes are the drivers of innovation.

Meyer Burger has subsidiaries and own service centres in China, Germany, India, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA.

Innovation and Technologies

SmartWire Connection Technology
Meyer Burger develops the SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT) to get the highest possible benefit out of high-efficiency solar cell performance.

Heterojunction Technology – The solar cell of the future
The cost of electricity (LCOE) is one of the primary metrics for the cost of electricity produced by both utility scale and distributed power systems. The fastest path to lower LCOE is to introduce high efficiency solar cell concepts like the heterojunction technology (HJT). Photovoltaic systems using heterojunction technology (HJT) modules outperform any other PV systems.


LYNX at Meyer Burger

Meyer Burger is using LYNX with Critical Chain Project Management to manage a large number of projects across locations in Switzerland (Thun) and Germany, with customer projects and R&D projects in the same portfolio.

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