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Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance: The TameFlow Approach and Its Application to Scrum and Kanban

 Tame-flow-Cover2 The latest thinking about Kanban, Agile in combination with TOC.“Reading Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance has influenced my thinking more than any other recent book I have read about how to transform my company’s culture to achieve higher levels of productivity. It’s like the perfect mix of Fred Brooks, W. Edwards Deming, Donald Reinertsen, David Anderson, and Jeff Sutherland all rolled into one approachable and pragmatic book. I recognized a lot of what I already knew and then was pleasantly surprised with how the authors used hyper-productivity to show how it all interconnected. All in all, it is an eye opening book that provides a concrete path to hyper-productivity.”—Curt Hibbs, Chief Agile Evangelist, Boeing

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LYNX TameFlow is the first solution to bring the concepts for achieving hyper-productive Knowledge-Work- Management to live !



LYNX TameFlow Scrum|Kanban
LYNX TameFlow Scrum|Kanban
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