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Agile Project Management – Tame the Flow


It’s all about how to combine improved project management with improved agile methods!

The agile movement (Scrum/Kanban) is a big success and a breakthrough in knowledge work. So use it wherever possible!

But the agile methods do not really fit into our project worlds – and they are important to. There are lots of project in the world: sometimes you have to deliver exactly to a due date with a defined scope and budget.

So the question is how to bring these both worlds perfect together?

In this presentation Mr. Wolfram Müller, CEO of Speed4Projects.Net,  shows an approach based on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) how to make agile Methods reliable (Reliable Scrum) and protect the agile parts in projects.

The next step is to make them even faster (and more agile) with ideas out of the Lean/TOC World and in the third step – how this all fits together.

The presentation shows the base of an integrated Project and Agile Framework.


The whole story and details can be found in Part IV of “Tame the Flow – Hyper-Productive Knowledge-Work Management” S. Tendon/W.Müller, 2013, leanpub

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